Dr. Ann West is a seasoned author, television-radio talk show host, life coach, leader, and guiding light.

Her strong multimedia background spans more than 20 years, with over 5000 hours of airtime logged as producer for KKCR (Hawaii),  Glastonbury Radio (UK), and KPFZ (California).

Ann's extensive list of interviewees includes illustrious names like Bill Clinton, Deepak Chopra, James Redfield, and hundreds of the most acclaimed authors and thinkers taking part in the higher consciousness and world healing movements. Her shows promote open dialogues, providing the platform for leaders and shakers from a variety of vital fields such as alternative health, quantum physics, spirituality, self-help, and the environment.

A strong advocate of NVC – Non Violent Communication – Ann's rich spiritual background has propelled her work in the healing arts for decades (visit her coaching website for more). Between being a driving force behind stopping the ADA from fluoridating Hawaii's drinking water, pressuring the US Navy to comply with environmental protection laws, and founding the Universal Cetacean Institute to defend our ocean's dolphins, Ann’s influence continues to leave a deep impact on colleagues, clients, and audiences worldwide, in every tangible area of life.