Dr. Ann West is a sharp, vibrant, cutting-edge radio personality. She shares richly from her personal experiences and brings the best out of her talk show guests. I am delighted to work with her.
— Alan Cohen, Self-Help Author
I had a beautiful time speaking with this wonderful and inspiring woman. Ann is a pleasure to know and to work with.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer, Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker
Ann West is one of the most beautiful, warm, loving, caring people I have ever met. Her spirit is both deep and alive. Her heart is open and radiant. She is committed to making a huge difference in the lives of those she touches and she succeeds admirably at it – through her radio show, her writing and her presence.
— Jack Canfield, founder of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series
I found our interview thoughtful, down to earth, and Ann was tremendously well prepared with engaging questions. It was a pleasure.
— Mitch Horowitz
Ann is fantastic radio host. She asks deep and important questions, ensuring the audience gets to know the guest and their message. At the same time, she upholds her own vision of a planet governed by love, justice and peace. Ann is a true pleasure in every sense of the word.
— Phyllis King, author, of the Energy of Abundance, "The Common Sense Psychic"
Dr. Ann West is one of the most innovative and thoughtful in-depth interviewers we have had the pleasure to work with. Our authors Dr. Lisa Firestone and Joyce Catlett were on her program on several occasions and were always impressed with the depth, honesty and openness with which she conducted the interviews. She is a true professional with a passion for healing and teaching.
— Jina Carvalho, Director of Communications, The Glendon Association
Ann West is truly a compassionate and well-informed radio show host whose presence is both an intuitive interviewer and patient listener. Her interview with me was one of the most heartfelt interviews I ever experienced, and the topic of vibrational relationship was of great interest to many listeners.
— David Hoffmeister, Utah
You are one of the best interviewers I have ever worked with. Your questions were penetrating and in depth. I can see where you would bring out the best in those you interview… Your show is such an important balance for our world today. Please keep up the great work that you are giving to our communities and in turn our world.
— Rama J. Vernon, Founder of Yoga Journal Magazine and Founder of the Center for International Dialogue – Academy for Peace & Conflict Resolution
Dr. Ann West brings a wealth of personal, professional, and spiritual experience to her work with others, balancing compassionate understanding with practical suggestions for real-life challenges. Her approach integrates the heart and mind with embodied sensuality and sexuality for a total celebration of vitality and the life-force of Spirit.
— Jenny Wade, Ph. D., keynote speaker and author of Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil
Dr. Ann is an insightful, compassionate, wise soul who has an exceptional gift for helping others discover how to live truly magical lives.
— Mali Apple & Joe Dunn, Authors & Relationship Coaches
Dr. Ann listens compassionately, speaks intelligently, and has the amazing capacity to understand with her heart. She touches lives with her talent for deep communication, and her courage to explore all arenas of the Spirit, including the places in us where the ‘shadow’ resides. In this way she not only delivers teachings, but healing as well.
— Kenny Loggins, musician
I have worked with Ann under a number of different circumstances and have always found her to live her integrity, while embodying a pleasing and dynamic personality. She is a very concerned human being and really cares for humanity and all life. I have always appreciated my contact with Ann, as a friend, and a colleague, and can testify that she truly is living her life on “the high road.”
— Richard Diamond, The Muse newsletter, Kauai
I have know Dr. Ann West since 1997 and have had many interactions with her, professionally, and as a friend. I have great respect for Ann, personally and professionally. I’ve especially enjoyed her interviewing skills. She listens deeply and asks penetrating questions. No matter what the topic, the responses she invites from me surprises and delights me, and I think the audience as well. In addition, I always feel truly seen and appreciated by Ann. Anyone who has the opportunity of having Ann as a counselor, interviewer or workshop leader, is blessed.
— Joan Heartfield, PhD, author of *Romancing The Beloved*
I truly enjoyed the depths of my interview with Dr. West. She’s a woman who, just like me, clearly loves getting to the sexy bottom of things!
— Bryan Reeves, "Relationship Insight Ninja & Coach"
As an author, I’ve had the opportunity to experience many interviews to promote a book launch, but Ann took it a step farther to engage in a conversation about what is going on in this world of ours as we approach the New Consciousness, the next horizon for all of humanity. I can tell when I’ m talking with someone who “ gets it “ in the larger sense of the word. Dr. Ann gets it. It was a pleasure to discuss these things, and I look forward to our next chat!
— Richard House, Physician / Author
My interview with Dr. Ann West was interesting, heart warming and helpful to our listeners and my readers. As I have listened to her other interviews I been amazed at the range of important topics she has covered and made accessible to us in order to challenge our thinking and enhance our lives.
— Bud Harris, author of Sacred Selfishness and Into the Heart of the Feminine
I thought our dialogue was delightful! It truly flowed… I like your balance of knowledge, care and spirituality. I wouldn’t change anything you already do naturally. I hope the Realness sells out there. I certainly value it. I think the world is hungry for it too.
— Dr. Brian Brody, author of "Lessons from Littleton"
I found Dr. Ann West to be an extremely engaging, articulate, and intelligent radio-talk-show host.
— Paul Doyon, Professor and EMF specialist